Henco Hogendoorn, Insolvency Officer

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Henco Hogendoorn, Insolvency Officer

Henco has assisted Holla’s receivers and administrators for over ten years in all practical and administrative matters that have to do with bankruptcies and moratoriums. His work consists of, among other things, safeguarding administrative records and assets, the promotion of employees’ and other creditors’ interests, assisting in the disposal of assets and providing financial reports and accounts.

One of Henco’s most valuable qualities as a lawyer is that he knows how to establish good cooperative ties between managers and employees of bankrupt legal entities. This has a very favourable impact on, for example, making inventories of assets and dividing the proceeds of company sales among creditors. Henco is quick, conscientious and not afraid to act when necessary.

Track Record

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2001 - now, Holla legal & tax
    Insolvency Officer


  • Specialty Course
    Financial Settlement of Bankruptcy
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