International & national cooperation

European Law Firm (ELF)

In Europe and the United States, our firm collaborates in the European Law Firm (ELF) network. This enables us to advise our clients and provide them with legal support on an international level promptly and proficiently. ELF currently comprises 29 European law firms. Each European country is represented by a local firm. Holla Advocaten is one of the founding members of ELF.


Netlaw is a national group practice containing larger and medium-sized law firms that has been operating since 1990. Its aims are, among other things, the promotion of legal expertise. At the present time, seventeen firms, at which approximately five hundred lawyers and civil-law notaries work, participate in Netlaw. The expertise of all Netlaw lawyers and civil-law notaries is available to every client of every firm. Because of its nationwide coverage, Netlaw functions as a legal services provider for regionally and nationally operating companies, institutions and associations.