Core values & culture

Holla core values

Core values

How do we treat each other


We deliver top-quality performance. An A is the minimum requirement, an A+ is better. No concessions are made to integrity. We call our clients back on the same day and not a day later if it is inconvenient.


We have respectful manners. We play the ball and not the man/woman.


We provide direct feedback. We discuss any dissatisfaction with our services with the person in question. Differences of opinion are fine, but we discuss them with people actually concerned.


We stand by each other and we are approachable. We take each other into account. We are ready to help each other whenever possible. And our doors are normally open.

Full of initiative

We are enterprising. Our basic attitude is transparent. We personally seize the initiative and remain open to other people’s ideas.


We support and stand by each other. Once choices or decisions have been made, we respect and support them. We are not negative about co-workers; certainly not in the presence of others.